Our 3D wizards will create you the graphics you need. Anything from orcs to industrial machines.

Photorealistic images and animations

We're specialized in photorealistic style. Here's some of our previous work.

3D scanning (photogrammetry)

Photogrammetry is a technique that can be used to create 3D models from photographs. Photogrammetry can be used to scan large objects like buildings, but also small objects and room interiors.

We used a drone to capture images of the church of Muurame and created a 3D model based on them.

Our graphics services


Early idea of the graphic style you want to present to others. Having something tangible to show instead of just trying to explain your ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words. A 3D model could be worth more.

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3D model

A ready made model without textures. Want to display the shapes of your product? Maybe a building? But you don't need to have a finished image to just show some of the details. Then this is the right choice for you!

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Materials and textures

Want to add some sweet materials to your model? We can do that! A car is much more fancy with a nice paintjob, don't you think? So is everything else.

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Rigging and animation

Every human needs a skeleton. So do 3D models! Want to make your model change it's form or posture? Having a rig makes it possible to move the parts of the character. We will also animate the model to meet your desires!

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